Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Check out the Heat Waves this Summer!

Last year, Suzy Ayers invited me to participate in a holiday time anthology called Sexy Holiday Bites.  There were nine authors in total, writing one thousand words as a little end of the year free gift to our fans.  It was a fantastic time.

Now, just over seven months later, I'm thrilled to let everyone know that Heat Waves is now also available and free on amazon, smashwords, iBooks, and B&N!  Carrie Anne Ward got eight authors together, each crafting a five thousand word story to make these hot summer days even hotter.  I'm just so excited to get invited to be part of this scorching anthology.

My story, "A Quick Trip to Heaven" is a first person story about me taking you on a little hike up to 'Heaven's Pools' where we have our breath taken away.  Yes by the view, but of course, by each other as well.  Is there anything better then sex in the wilderness, the sun beating down on your shoulders and the vastness of the world spread out before you?

In order to celebrate this amazingly hot anthology, I'm reducing the price of "The Ravishing" to only 99c!  Normally 2.99, I'm just in a giving mood.  I don't think this price will last forever, so jump on it while you've got the chance.

Please, go to amazon and check out the stories.  Please download Heat Waves, and help it reach the top spots on Amazon's free list.  And if you have a moment, please take the time to write a review.  It helps others take a chance, even a free chance, on our works.  We are all really proud of our stories and can't wait to hear what people think...

Today I'm going to leave you with a little snippet from "A Quick Trip to Heaven"...

About half way up you tug on the strap dangling from my backpack.  I look at your flushed face and immediately realize we need a quick breather. Silently you pull out your water bottle and flip up the bite valve.  I watch as your lips wrap around the plastic and you suck up the water.  You lift your eyes up, locking on to mine.  You smile as your lips slip off the tube with a sigh.

As you twist around to reseat your water bottle, I can’t help but admire you.  The sheen of sweat that is coating your skin makes you glow in the dappled sunlight so that you are looking remarkably sexy.  The flush of blood makes your cheeks redden and this coupled with your heaving chest stirs a deep longing within me.

Taking a step forward I am close enough to your body to feel the heat radiating off of you.  Unable to resist, I watch a bead of perspiration running down your neck, and carefully I wrap my lips around it.  Sucking it into my mouth, the salty taste explodes on my tongue and you let out a soft moan.  My lips linger for a heartbeat longer before I take a step back.

You turn around quickly, your chest heaving.  “Yummy, no?”

I can barely manage to gulp out a response.  “Yes.”

You tug on your shirt, exposing the top of your sports bra for a moment.  “Well, you’ll get a lot more than a drop of sweat if the destination is as glorious as you promise.”  And with that you wink, lightly spank my ass, and shoo me up the trail.

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