Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sunday Morning Story: Desire Pt. 1

Good morning.  If you've come here looking for a new Sunday Morning Chat, well I'm sorry that I can't fulfill that wish.  Instead I have something a little different.  If you haven't check out my stories, I thought I'd add a new one here.  It's kind of rough, but unfortunately that's what I have time for.  I know I should spend the time to polish it a bit first, which I will hopefully get to this week, however, I didn't want to disappoint the readers who are expecting something here every Sunday Morning.

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As soon as I walk into your place you can sense my hunger for you.  It's palpable and fills the empty space between us.  You are standing there, a little surprised by my visit, but you're smiling and I know you need this just as much as I need it.

You are standing there with a towel wrapped around your hair, a robe wrapped around your sexy curves.  You must have just finished with a morning shower and your skin is soft, warm, and slightly red from the hot water.  Part of me wishes that I managed to surprise you in the shower, the white suds making your amazing skin slippery and even more alluring.  Still, your beautiful eyes are filled with lust and your smile is completely seductive and I'm unable to imagine anything better than that.

I walk over to you and my hand wraps around your waist.  In a moment I'm pulling you against me, your soft body against my hard muscles.  I feel your welcoming curves as I lean down and kiss you passionately.  Your whole body relaxes in my embrace.  Your mind substitutes your daily reality for the erotic perfection I'm creating for you.

As our kiss ends, you lean back and you feel your robe open.  As you look down to find the end of the belt, I grab your wrists and in a second I've lashed them together behind your back.  Your heart is racing as I lean forward and kiss you again.

My kiss is more aggressive this time and you find yourself being pushed backward, controlled by the force of my desire.  My hands on your elbows help you to keep your balance as are push along.  When the back of your thighs hit the edge of your bed you feel me let go.  You tumble into the bed, your mouth open, a quiet squeak slipping out past your lips.

I look down upon your amazing body.  Your breasts slightly flattened by their weight, the nipple a dark pink against the pale skin.  You are already breathing heavily, my visit surprising you, catching you off guard.  My eyes follow down your sensual belly to your beautiful pubic hair.  You keep it so neat and tidy, and the "v" of it leads me down to your lovely thighs.  Nestled between those wonderful silky legs is your real treasure.

Reading my expression perfectly, I watch as you slowly spread your legs for me.  The richly erotic scent of your pussy fills the room and I can't help myself.  My lust for you is just too strong for me.

I slip down to the floor and your pussy is exactly at the height of my mouth.  I lean forward into your heavenly mound, and I stop just short of touching your pussy.  I close my eyes and just inhale your aroma, feeling my cock twitch in appreciation.  Slowly, you lift your legs so that they are resting on my shoulders. I slide my hands up the sides of your body until my fingers can tease the sides of your breasts.

Using your legs you slide yourself closer so your pussy is pressed against my eager tongue.  I know it's been way too long for you, and so I take pity.  My tongue slides out, the tip folded into a hard probe as I part your lips.  I slide it lower, to just above your hole and then quickly I flick it up and over your clit.  Your whole body jumps as you get what you've been dreaming of.

I relax my tongue and you feel it flatten against your skin.  Gosh, you taste so wonderfully sweet, it is such a turn on to know I'm getting you this wet.  My tongue slides around your slit while my fingertips lightly play against your breasts.  I hear you let out a moan of pure sexuality right before your thighs clamp around my head.

Knowing exactly what you need, my fingertips find the hard nubs of your nipples.  While I pinch them hard between the tips of my fingers my tongue dips into your tight hole.  It swirls around your entrance as I tug hard on your nipples.  Your legs tighten around me for a moment before I back down slightly.

Your amazing pussy is my whole world and you smell, taste, feel so seductive.  I need to make you cum, it turns me on so much to own your orgasms.  Sliding my tongue out of you it traces the silky path up to your swollen clit.

Now my fingers are rolling your nipples around between them as my tongue glides over your clit repeatedly.  It doesn't take much, you are so turned on and it has been so long since your pussy has been worshiped like it deserves to be.  I can feel your hips bucking faster and faster as your mind shuts off and your body takes over.

I speed up my tongue, but keep the same pattern that you seem to be loving.  I am rewarded by your muffled moans reaching my ears through your thighs.  I start kneading your breasts with an urgency as my bearded chin tickles the outside of your pussy.

It's too much for you and I can feel your body start to tense.  I keep up my ministrations of your body until the tension shatters through out your body.  The orgasm rolls through your core, making your entire body spasm.  Your back arches, your legs shake, and your screams fill the room.  All the while I keep licking your clit, my hands clamped on your breasts, holding onto you.  I love how your flavor changes as you come for me, the sweetness only increasing and the thickness becoming unbearably inviting.

As you calm down, I stop licking and slide my hands off your breasts.  In a moment I manage to make it out from between your legs.  I stand up and look down at your beautifully panting form.  Your juices and a smile are on my lips as you look up at me through half lidded eyes.  Even in your exhausted state you can tell I'm not even close to done with you, and you can't help but smile at that thought.