Thursday, May 22, 2014

Desire Pt. 2

Well on Sunday I had the first part of a new story.  I'm sure you've already checked it out, but if not, go take a look at it and come right back.  Today I have the second part for you.

However, before I get onto the second part of the story, I wanted to let you know that currently, until May 27th, Teased & Pleased: An Erotic Anthology is on sale at Amazon.  Normally this is a 2.99 book, but for the next few days it's only 99c!  If you're thinking of supporting me, now's a great time to consider a purchase.  OK, on with the story...

Before you could stop panting my hands were on your hips flipping you over.  I toss you on to your chest and you feel the mattress pressing against your right cheek.  I lift your hips up and your knees find yourself on your knees.  Your hands, still tied, are just as useless to stop me.

My hands move to your ass cheeks and you feel their appreciative groping.  Your ass is so amazing, perfectly soft and round, so much so that my hands can't help but massage and play.  You moan quietly into the tussled sheets as I tease.

Without warning my hand comes down on your right ass cheek.  You squeal with pain as I continue to spank you.  I'm having so much fun watching your cheeks redden and shake with each hit.  Watching you submit to me makes my cock throb and leak pre-come in quiet anticipation.  If I had more hands I'd be coating your lips with the pre-come, but that will have to wait for now.

My last slap misses your ass cheeks and lands on your sloppy pussy lips.  The wet spank sounds so much duller than the ones on your tush, but it was just as painful, if not more so.  Your squeals have turned to whimpers and I take pity on you.  Besides, the pain has clearly readied you for more pleasure.

My hand moves to your butt and I massage your tender flesh.  I feel you push back onto my palms and I know that you’re right where I want you to be.  Slowly you feel my hands spreading you, exposing yourself to me.  You look so lewd and I wish I could have made you hold yourself open to my penetrating gaze.  Instead I had to do the act myself, my gaze peering deep into your lustful body.

Looking at your cunt glistening with my saliva and your juices, I couldn't help but smile.  As I watched I saw your pussy constrict and a little more moisture leaked out.  Without thinking I leaned down and licked from your clit up to your sloppy hole.  My tongue slipped deep into you and I could taste your sweet arousal.

As I licked your hips started to rock.  You needed more and I tried to give my pet what she craved.  I spread your ass cheeks further apart and this only increased your bucking.  As I licked up and over your delicious hole, you move your hips and my tongue slips over your taint and finds your puckered hole.  Immediately you let out a low moan of pure pleasure and I know I can't stop with just one lick.

Your asshole is freshly clean and feels wonderful under the hard tip of my tongue.  I can feel your ass cheeks against my cheeks as I push deep within the cleavage to get a better reach to tease that wonderfully sexy ass of yours.

As my tongue teased the crinkled skin of your asshole I’m in heaven.  I love pleasing my little slut, and hearing you moan in appreciation is so fucking delightful.  I trace around and around the hole with my slippery tongue and can’t help but love how it makes you squirm for me.

You are completely at my whim, with your wrists tied behind your back, you on your knees and your face buried in the sheets, I have so much control over you.  The fact that my mouth is showing your body the pleasure it craves only further cements my power over you.  Your body is mine, your mind willingly submitting to me.

I take pity on you once again, I’m too nice.  While I lick around your ass, starting right at the rim and licking outwards, one of my hands leaves your precious ass.  I have to prop open your crack with my bearded cheek, but I’m still able to reach your sensitive skin.

As I tease the puckered skin, I lift my hand up to your dripping mound.  Feeling the heat radiate off you only causes me to lick you more eagerly.  My fingers part your outer lips and your clit becomes nestled between them.  You moan loudly into the bed as your body tries to process this new sensation.

My mouth is on auto pilot as my attention goes to my fingers.  Your beautiful pussy lips are soft and silky, so wonderfully alluring.  This is contrasted with the hard nub of your fully aroused clit.  I can practically feel it throb as it tries to grow larger, and I know this must be torture for you.

Slowly I dip my middle finger into your tight hole.  You are so wet and horny for me that it slides in with almost no resistance.  Your silky warm hole feels heavenly and my cock throbs jealously.

In a moment my fingertip finds your g-spot and your body shakes in appreciation.  At the same time my thumb rests on your clit.  As my tongue spirals around your asshole, my finger starts rubbing your g-spot and my thumb rubs your clit.

It’s becoming more difficult to please you as your body is writhing around for me.  My free hand moves to the top of your ass and presses down, trying to hold you into place so I can milk your second orgasm of the night out of you.  I can’t wait for you to cum on my face again, and based on the sounds that are coming out of your mouth I know I’m not the only one.

I hear you beg me to let you cum.  The words are meek, deferential, you need this so badly but you know better than to command me.  I’m too good to you, and I lift my head up to give you permission.

As soon as my tongue finds your asshole again, I can feel your body tense.  Then, in an instant, you start coming.  There is a power to this orgasm and you manage to buck so hard that you push my hand off the top of your butt.

Then, as you surrender to the overpowering pleasure, I feel the first spray hit me.  A second later you are gushing, squirting all over my chin and chest.  I feel the hot liquid soak me, drip down to my shirt.  I move my face away and watch as you squirt one last time, proud of my little slut, proud that she could let go for me and cum so hard.

As the orgasm subsides I see how weak you are.  I move my hands to your wrists and untie them.  You are so spent that you don’t even shake your hands, you just let them collapse by your sides.

I slowly roll you over onto your back and lean down and kiss you softly.  As my tongue enters your mouth you can feel the stream of your squirt enter as well.  You smile as you taste yourself, like my good little girl should.

Then I walk to the bathroom while I let you come back to planet Earth.

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  1. Love the alpha male component in this story, John. My favorite passage:

    You are completely at my whim, with your wrists tied behind your back, you on your knees and your face buried in the sheets, I have so much control over you. The fact that my mouth is showing your body the pleasure it craves only further cements my power over you. Your body is mine, your mind willingly submitting to me.

    Thanks for letting us come back to planet Earth.