Thursday, August 29, 2013

Shy First Timer

Hubby is in the next room, working on something important.  Well important to him at least.  You are never sure if he is keeping up with his TV shows or if he is playing a video game instead.  Either way the repetitive noise of machine gun fire punctuated by an explosion seems to bleed through the walls as though they are nothing but cheesecloth.  It is going to be another one of those nights.

You look at yourself in the mirror and admire the view within.  You are quite beautiful, maybe not as young as you once were, but the years only seem to add to you allure.  Your hand moves to your cheek and down your neck, and you feel a shiver of pleasure travel throughout your body.  Tired of being alone you grab your tablet and head into bed to curl up with a good book.

As you settle in between the sheets, you look through the erotica on your device.  You have read everything already and are disappointed.  Tonight you are in the mood for something new.  You head to a website with free stories and start poking around there, looking for just the right story to help you find your relief.

In a few minutes, you have five tabs open with different stories ready for your enjoyment.  You are about to settle in and read, when your finger hits the forum tab.  Before you know it the page is loaded up and your eyes settle on the “Amateur Pic Feedback” section.  Like a moth to the flame, your finger hovers over the link and you find yourself waiting for the new page to load.

When it finally populates, you can see that there are tons of amateurs with threads.  Lots of them are called something like, “Shy…” or “First Time…” or “Trying this…”.  And as you click through each thread you are greeted with photos of men and women, all ages (18+ of course), body types, body shapes, and levels of comfort.  Some are completely naked, but only showing glimpses through the shadows.  Others have their legs spread, pussy filled with a toy, or some of the more risqué ones even have hardcore sex acts with their partners.

As you peruse the forum your hand finds its way to your breast.  You are tugging your nipple as you click on photo after photo.  You aren’t focused on the men or the women; you are just excited by the fact that anyone could share themselves with the world.  You catch your reflection in the glass of the screen and you realize that you look as good as the other posters.

As your eye travels up to the front facing camera you can feel your clit throb between your legs and your heart beat against your ribcage.  Without thinking, without consciously moving your finger, you close out of your web browser and open the camera app.  It takes a second for the program to load, but before you know it you see your face smiling back at you in the screen.

You immediately sit up and rearrange the pillows behind your back as you make your body presentable.  When you feel you’ve got yourself looking sultry you snap a photo.  In an instant it appears on the screen and you find yourself blushing as you see your cleavage as revealed by your black silky nighty.  Gosh you look good.

Your mind flashes to all the guys who caught staring at your cleavage over the past week.  They were so cute, trying to play it cool, acting nonchalant.  However, when the cashier at the supermarket had to wipe a bit of drool away when you reached down for your bags, you knew you still had it.

Now seeing the picture on the screen, you feel your cheeks grow warm as you blush and your pussy flood in anticipation.  You are so turned on and decide to take one more photo.  It doesn’t take long for you to lower the straps around your arms and reveal your breasts to the world.  As you frame the image, you find yourself mesmerized at how large your breasts look on the screen.  When you’ve framed sexy curves just right, you snap the photo and stare at the results on the screen.  Your nipples are so hard in the photo that it is easy for anyone to see how aroused you are.
Feeling more comfortable with the processes and enjoying the results, you snap a few more photos.  All of them are very tightly cropped, showing pretty much just your alluring skin and not much else.  And of course none of them show your face.   You need to keep some anonymity after all.

When you are happy with three of pictures you took, you shut down the camera app and switch back to the web browser.  As the page loads up you can feel your heart beat faster.  You can’t help but squirm in bed, your body completely aroused, and as you move you can feel just how wet you are.

When the site finally loads you click the “New Thread” button and you are greeted by a blank form.  You decide to write the message first:

It’s been a while since my hubby has looked at me with the lustful gaze he always reserved for me.  I’m wondering, have I lost that magic?  I’ve never shared photos of me like this before, and I want honest responses, but please don’t be too mean to this shy woman.

Then you go over to the title bar and write the first thing you can think of, “Shy First Timer (F)”.  It isn’t very original, but in the end, you are sure that originality isn’t why people clicked the links.  The title can be almost anything and you are pretty sure it would get views.

Finally you move your finger down to the attach file section of the form.  With a great deal of trepidation you load up the first file, the one with just your cleavage on display in your nighty.  You thought about it and something inside said, Go big or Go Home! Instantly you remove the file and add the one with your breasts on display.  If they are going to enjoy your photos, you might as well give them something to enjoy.

Before you realize what you are doing, you click the “post” button and in a flash you are transported to the thread that you just created.  It seems like a lonely little post, and you are pretty sure that you’d be passed over, especially with all the other sexy woman on the forums.

You decide not to hover and wait, but rather do what you originally planned; read a sexy story.  You switch to your library and click a cover of one of your favorite stories.  You are so worked up from posting a photo of yourself that you decide you want to find something that would help you experience the release that you need as quickly as possible.

As you settle into the written scenario laid out upon the screen, you become the heroine of story.  You imagine yourself on your knees, worshiping at the cock before you.  You grab your breasts and pinch your nipples, mimicking the actions of the hero.  Your fingers slide over you clit as you imagine his tongue sliding over it.  You are so very close, you are sure that the next paragraph would get you off.

Just as you swipe the screen to get to the next page, a notification window slid in from the top of the screen.  Distractedly you take a look at who it is from and when you see that it is saying you have a private message your heart skips a beat.

Quickly you flip back to the web browser and refresh the page.  A pop up notice reminds you of the PM awaiting you, but rather then clicking through you dismiss it and read the thread.  In the five minutes you’ve been reading you have gotten ten comments!  Most are comments about how awesome your boobs are, and other compliments that you would expect horny guys to write.  However, one seemed to say a bit more than that:

Wow, Your curves are fantastically alluring, I love the shy tease, the forwardness of the image, the fact that you’re obviously married and still are looking for some acknowledgement of your sexiness.  Your hubby is a fool to ignore such a beautiful creature.  You are amazingly seductive  and I hope you find what you are looking for in this thread.

You feel yourself blush as you read the comments.  When you scroll down to the bottom of the list you immediately hit reply and write a thank you to everyone on such wonderful comments.  It is a little hard to type, partly because of the tablet’s keyboard, and partly because you are tying one handed as you continue to play with yourself.

 Then you scroll up to the top and enter your mailbox.  There is one PM waiting for you, it has the subject line of “Proof”.  When you open up the email there is a short message and a link to a photo sharing site.  Before you read the message you press the link and open it in a background tab, letting it load ahead of time.  Then you read the message:

When I saw another “Shy First Time” type thread, I was curious, but also a bit jaded.  Most of the women who share themselves are either not really shy, or don’t show anything.  Somehow your photo captured your sense of daring and your shyness all at once.  It was so arousing that I need to tend to my cock.  I hope you don’t mind but I used your amazing photo to cum to.  I’ve attached photographic proof if that’s ok.

As you finish reading the lines you feel your cunt gush with excitement.  You are so close to the release and with excitement you flip to the photograph.  As it fills up your screen you see the picture of you, printed out with thick ropes of come all across your breasts and nipples, the paper is obviously damp where the cum soaked into it.  Your eyes open wide as you let out a silent moan.

Your fingers begin to move quickly between your folds as you hold up the screen and stare at the picture.  You thought of yourself kneeling before some stranger and getting a load of come on the chest, just like in the picture.  Biting your lip you push yourself over the cliff.

Your body is in the freefall of ecstasy as you feel your orgasm carry your body away.  Spasms make your body float down as you experience the exhilaration of bliss.  You don’t want the feeling to end, so you rub your clit until it is too sensitive for more.

As you land back in reality, you hit the reply button and start to type a thank you.  You hope this isn’t a onetime thing, and if you have any say in it, there is certainly going to be more where this came from.

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