Thursday, August 1, 2013


Last night, Anna was in James’ room at the posh hotel on 5th Ave.  She had been chatting with James over the internet for a while, and he happened to be in town on “business.”  Anne phoned up to his room and he gave her some instructions and his room number.

When she walked into his hotel room, all she was aware of was how quickly her heart was beating in her chest.  She could feel it squeeze with each beat as he led her down the darkened corridor into the main living area.  As he walked over to the night stand, she could see that the room had more furniture then the space should allow.  There was the king sized bed with night stands on either side, the desk and the office chair, as well as the set of drawers with a television on top.

As James approached her, Anne could feel her body respond with both arousal and fear.  This man knew so much about her, about her fantasies, about her secret desires.  How could she have let him that deep into her psyche?  She looked up at him with her big green eyes and the apprehension was clearly visible within.

“I have something for you.”  His voice was deep and commanding and hearing it sent shivers along her spine.  Then James lifted his hand and Anne saw a black leather collar dangling from his fingers.  Anne swallowed as he wrapped it around her neck and fastened it.  He took a step back as Anne got used to the tightness of the smooth leather wrapped around her throat.   He looked at her expectantly.  “Don’t you have something for me?”  He asked.

Anne jumped in place as she stuttered, “Uh, yes, sir.  I got the tickets for the show tomorrow night right here.”  She fumbled through her purse looking for the envelope the hotel concierge gave her on her way up to the room.  “Here it is, sir!” She lifted the envelope from her bag and handed it to him.

James looked at the paper and smiled a wicked smile.  “Anne, darling, what is this?” He asked pointing to a folded corner of the envelope.  “I would have thought you would take better care of my things.”

Anne could feel her palms sweat as she tried to figure out how she should react.  “I’m sorry, sir.”
James walked closer and hooked his finger casually under her collar.  Then, without saying a word, he lead her to the desk.  With one hand he pressed against Anne’s back until she was bent over and her arms were leaning against the cold glass.

She could feel her skirt being lifted up and her heartbeat increase tempo.  Would he hurt her? Would she disappoint him?

She wanted to run.  Instead she stayed and awaited the first stinging blow of his hand.            

She was never more turned on.


  1. An excellent teaser! Thx. Where's the rest of the story?

  2. Most of my stories are longer, this one just seemed to be the sort to allow the reader to finish. Maybe I'll return to the characters if enough people want it.