Monday, March 23, 2015

Interviews and Excitement

Today I wanted to thank Jenna Fox for sitting down with me and asking me a few questions about myself and what I've been up to lately.  It's a great post on her blog and you can read the interview here.  Make sure you stop on by and comment.
Also, I'm starting up my Sunday Morning Chat series again in a few weeks.  Right now I'm excited to have Christina Mandara on to kick it all off, and I should have a few more amazing authors in the weeks following that.

I've also been more active on Tumblr.  Have you check out my feed and followed me there?  It's been a great place for me to do short ideas, to share some sexy photos, and to get to know people better.  It's been so much fun, and there are also a few stories that debuted there, as well as some sexy snippets of ideas.  It's a great place to send me asks or fan mail as well.

I've also been thrilled with all the sales and borrows I've had on Amazon, itunes & B&N.  You guys are the best and every book I sell is always a delightful surprise.  I don't thank you enough for supporting me with comments, sales or reviews, and I just wanted to say thank you again.  Really, thank you.

Want a better idea of what I post on Tumblr?  Check out this story snippet that was inspired by a couple of sexy photos and the woman who posted them...

You walked into the room where the guys and I were playing a game.  You were wearing your green tank top that always makes me lust for you.  Standing in the back of the room, you just watched us move our pieces around the board, the four of us too interested in our game and not giving you the attention you deserved.

When I finished making my move, you piped up, “That wasn't a very smart idea, you’re just opening yourself up to some trouble in another turn or two.”

I turned around glaring at you, “I know what I’m doing…”  As my eyes fell on your body I couldn't help but soften my focus and stare at your breasts, the black lace bra sticking out the top of the shirt.  I swallowed as I admired the view and I heard the other guys turn around and size up your magnificence.

You had this grin on your face that you get when you’re the center of attention. “Ok, hot shot.  When you are sorry in two more moves you’ll put the game away and play with me.”

I could feel my cheeks heat as the blood rushed to them.  “I’m not going to be sorry!”  I felt defensive and my pride wounded, but the other guys shot me a look and said, you either are going to be sorry in two moves or you’ll find out what the true meaning of sorry is.

As we played the next two rounds my heart was beating uncontrollably.  I knew that you must have seen something that I missed, and I didn't want to lose.  However, I also wanted nothing more to prove you right so the five of us could have some fun.

I looked over my shoulder, and you had pulled your shirt and bra down, your perfect tits out and on display.  I licked my lips as you pinched your nipple and smiled at me.  “One more round.”

I tried to concentrate on the game, try to figure out what trap I had gotten myself in and how I could get out of it, however, I just couldn't see it.  All I could think about was your luscious thighs on either side of my head as I teased that clit of yours right to the verge of an orgasm again and again.

Finally my turn came again, and I realized that I was boxed out of placing my piece anywhere.  I kept trying to figure out if I missed something, there must be some play that I could make, but no, everything I could do wouldn't be a legal move.  Finally, I resigned and pushed myself away from the table.  “You were right.”

The guys were visibly excited as they rushed to put away the game, not even bothering to tally the score.  Instead they just slid everything into the box and got the table cleared off.

As soon as they were done you came over, peeling off your clothing as you did so.  By the time you reached the table, your clothes were in a trail on the floor and you were on top of the table.  Sitting down in front of where I was sitting, you spread your legs and your aroma filled the space between us.

“You've got to take care of this while I take care of the winners.”  Your hand moved to the back of my head and you pulled me into you.

My tongue darted out of my mouth and I slid up and down your soaked slit.  You were obviously horny waiting for us and imagining the reward for your patience.  As I licked your sweet pussy, you moved your legs over my shoulder, crossed your ankles and leaned back.

The table was a little shorter than your torso and your head fell backwards off the edge.  You looked at our friends and opened and closed your hands while licking your lips.  All at once they got the message and started removing their pants and drawers.

Your hands moved up to your breasts as you played with your nipples, pinching and pulling them, waiting for your treat, savoring my tongue on your cunt.  You moaned, “Be a good boy and lick my clit.”

As my tongue slipped up out of your soaked hole and to your clit, the guys circled your body.  You reached out and felt two of the cocks in your hand as the third positioned himself at your open mouth.  You felt him lean forward and grab your breasts as he slid into your mouth.  You started stroking the cocks in your hand excitedly.  This was starting to look like a much better night then you were expecting…


  1. Good luck with the new ventures and nice to see you back !! I'm now off to follow you on tumblr - going to share any naughty piccies :)?

    1. Thanks! My tumblr will have naughty pics, but not of me. Just reblogs. :)