Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Hump Day Radio: Jessica Mauboy - "Pop a Bottle (Fill Me Up)"

Today we're going Down Under and getting to hear a little tune by Jessica Mauboy called "Pop a Bottle (Fill Me Up)".  This is a fun little pop song and a great one to play as you celebrate the latest Hump Day.  Oh, the intro is a little long, you can skip ahead to the :40 second mark if you just want to hear the song.

Don't wait until the weekend comes and celebrate Hump Day with the one you love.  Let me know what you think of this song by leaving a comment below.  I hope you guys have a great week, and to help facilitate that check out my blog.  I've got a few other Hump Day Radio posts, some hot erotic stories, in depth interviews, and links to my books.  Each sale means a ton to me, and is a great way to show your support.  If you want to support me in other ways, then make sure you follow me so you don't miss any of your favorite columns of mine.  Thanks!

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